FBI director could quit over Nunes memo (But perhaps an opportunity for sorely needed new blood?)


The FBI really doesn’t want the “memo” released. They REALLY want to hide it from the public. Which is just incredibly intriguing. What for crying out loud could cause such agitation, such consternation over in G Man Land?

And remember, mission one in any bureaucracy is the preservation of that bureaucracy.

(From CNN)

Another person familiar with discussions about the memo said Wray didn’t threaten to quit when he met with Kelly earlier this week and in numerous conversations since, but White House chief of staff John Kelly believes that is a real possibility and has been working on a way to avoid another departure from an already turbulent Trump administration…

…There is a recognition, however, that Wray leaving could set off a chain reaction of events inside the law enforcement agency. Top officials inside the bureau have been trying to identify who might be considered a “Trump guy” in the order of succession in the bureau’s organizational chart, another law enforcement official said.

Wray’s current deputy — David Bowdich — was picked to be associate deputy director by Comey, who Trump fired in May. But Bowdich has a “straight shooter” reputation inside the bureau, and as a former Los Angeles executive at the FBI he differs from some of the recent leadership ranks drawn from Washington.