How the Nazis Used Gun Control

“The Weimar Republic’s well-intentioned gun registry became a tool for evil.”



The attached article is from 2013 but it is worthwhile in the wake of the most recent shooting.

Many people on the “Left,” or at least the more totalitarian wing of the “Left,” do not understand why in the face of such a horrible tragedy some of us have absolutely no interest in moving a centimeter on gun control. They just don’t see why gun rights are so important to many Americans. Why, they wonder, could any reasonable person be against gun control?

There are many reasons, but fundamentally it comes down to the fact that guns are not legal so that people can hunt. They are not legal so that people can shoot skeet. They aren’t even legal primarily to defend oneself from burglars etc. Guns are legal in the US because the founders of this republic knew that an armed citizenry was the last line of defense against a tyrannical government.

I am not saying that we have real tyranny on our hands. Some will say that but I will not.* I am saying however that the right to bear arms is enshrined right after freedom of speech in our Constitution for a reason. Gun rights are at the core of what this country stands for, or at least is supposed to stand for. That is, we are a country of CITIZENS, not subjects, who are (supposed to be) respected by our government.

Citizens often own guns. Subjects do not.

So as we watch the made for TV publicity stunts in Florida we must keep in mind the much bigger picture. And because many people keep this broader perspective on gun rights and understand their history, they are unlikely to ever capitulate on gun control.

In sum I think this is the attitude of many anti-totalitarian, anti-gun control people in this country;

So your post-modernist politically correct ethos is failing but you want to restrict other people’s (my) Constitutional rights?


Is that so?



(From The National Review)

The perennial gun-control debate in America did not begin here. The same arguments for and against were made in the 1920s in the chaos of Germany’s Weimar Republic, which opted for gun registration. Law-abiding persons complied with the law, but the Communists and Nazis committing acts of political violence did not.

In 1931, Weimar authorities discovered plans for a Nazi takeover in which Jews would be denied food and persons refusing to surrender their guns within 24 hours would be executed. They were written by Werner Best, a future Gestapo official. In reaction to such threats, the government authorized the registration of all firearms and the confiscation thereof, if required for “public safety.” The interior minister warned that the records must not fall into the hands of any extremist group…

…As in Weimar Germany, some well-meaning people today advocate severe restrictions, including bans and registration, on gun ownership by law-abiding persons. Such proponents are in no sense “Nazis,” any more than were the Weimar officials who promoted similar restrictions. And it would be a travesty to compare today’s situation to the horrors of Nazi Germany.

Still, as history teaches, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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*Also, if you really think Trump is Hitler why would you ever call for the restriction of gun ownership? That doesn’t make sense.