Mika Bzezinski Kicks Michael Wolff Off ‘Morning Joe’ Mid-Interview

Mika drives me nuts. I read a good bit of her dad’s work (generally interesting, if often misguided as I remember) in college. That she got her job (like so many people in politics and the media – one and the same in many cases) because of her last name irks me. I don’t like McCain’s daughter either. Or Chris Cuomo. The Kennedy’s are all terrible too. (At least to date.)

I will say that the one exception I can think of a scion who is in politics who isn’t terrible is Rand Paul. But that’s pretty much it.

Anyway, I don’t like Mika Brzezinski. But she was right here.*

Wolff seems ethically “challenged” let’s say. Check Wolff’s body language. His shoulders are hunched. His eyes are darty.

*I love that she says, “This is Morning Joe, we don’t BS here.” That’s probably at least 50% of what they do on Morning Joe.