New National Poll Shows Tax Reform More and More Popular, Dems Declining Solidly on Generic Ballot

It’ll be interesting to see whether the memo thing changes much. It could change quite a lot. But who knows in the age of Trump?

It’s worth noting (at least for us) that we argued that tax reform would likely become more popular with time. How could it not really?

Now we just have to cut the government to go with the cuts to taxes.

(From TownHall)

Again, these humongous gains in public perception appear to be almost entirely attributable to the effects of the corporate side of new tax law.  More than two-thirds of respondents think their own taxes will either go up or stay the same, when in fact 80 percent of them will experience a tax cut this year, including 91 percent of the middle class.  If the GOP is diligent about directing people’s attention to the inarguable numbers, there will be millions upon millions of happily surprised Americans discovering their effective pay raises over the coming weeks.  I’m told the White House and Congressional Republicans have plans to aggressively message on this point, as well they should.  A few more takeaways from this survey’s internals, virtually all of which will be welcomed by Republicans:

(1) The generic Congressional ballot has swung dramatically, from D+15 to just D+2 in this series.  These numbers can be volatile, and it’s still early in the cycle, but smug Democrats banking on an easy landslide victory in November might be getting a little antsy.  Three of the last four national generic ballots have pegged Democrats’ lead in the low-to-mid single digits.

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