Obama Attorney General Eric Holder hints at a possible run for president in 2020

Holder let the banks (his former clients) off the hook. Fast and Furious happened on his watch. The IRS persecution of TEA Party groups happened on his watch. He is about the last person this country needs anywhere near the White House. You think Obama was an Alinskyite, statist, social justice warrior? You think Obama had contempt for this country? (I thought that he did.) Holder is far worse. A crony extraordinaire.

(From CNBC)

Despite his coy response to the question of a presidential run, it’s difficult to see how Holder might translate his legal career into a traditional resume for a presidential candidate.

In addition to a large body of government trial work that would likely provide fodder for his would-be opponents, Holder also worked in private practice for nearly a decade, representing corporate giants such as Merck and the National Football League.

Still, if Holder decides not to run for president, there could be other political offices he might consider. As a native New Yorker, Holder could be a formidable candidate for a Senate seat in the state, should one of New York’s current senators, Kirsten Gillibrand, decide to run for president.

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