Put us in the “no big military parade on The 4th of July” camp

Word is that President Trump wants to have a big military parade in DC this Independence Day. He says he was inspired by the Bastille Day parade in Paris last year.

We would advise the president not to do this. Not because we don’t like the military, but because it’s kind of creepy. Check out these images from FDR’s 1941 Inauguration. FDR’s statism is evident for all to see. My grandmother considered FDR a near dictator. (If not a flat out dictator.) Below one gets a sense of why many people thought this about Roosevelt.

Trump shouldn’t engage in this sort of pomp. And we bet that many in the military agree with us.

We don’t need to show off our “might.” Everyone knows we’ve got more guns, planes, and tanks than anyone else.


Nothing like tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue.






And in the air.



And don’t forget the political “youth” brigades.



All images from Youtube.