Rand Paul Shined A Spotlight On A Potential Problem When Stephen Colbert Asked Him About The Russia Investigation


Stephen Colbert was funny before he decided he was going to be a politician. I really liked him. I considered myself a fan.

Then, somewhere along the way, perhaps it was his outward embrace of his favorite pol – Richard Nixon – not a joke, I started to not enjoy him as much.

Then as his statism came more and more to the fore, as his obvious regurgitation of official talking points became more obvious, as the media establishment began to take him in as one of their own, he just became another talking head for me.

I know. I know. There are lot’s of people who still love him. People who generally are inclined to wear pu–y hats over their tinfoil hats.


I miss the pre-Peabody, less kissassy Colbert. Now he’s just one of “them.”


Not that everyone who watches Colbert has gone around the bend. For sure. I’ll even catch him on very rare occasion and remember the days before the GREAT SELLOUT.

(From The Daily Caller)

Colbert asked Paul if he thinks the four-page FISA memo, which alleges top officials in the FBI and Department of Justice misled a federal surveillance court in order to obtain a spy warrant against Trump campaign members, should be released to the public. Paul said he was concerned with Mueller’s investigation and that everyone can be monitored by the government at anytime.

“I’m concerned. My biggest concern is over something that Madison said at the beginning of our country, he said that ‘men are not angels’ and that’s why we need more oversight of government,” Paul told Colbert. “Our intelligence community has the authority to listen to every phone call. Everyone’s phone calls could be listened to if they wanted to. Everyone in your e-mails can be tracked.”

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