Tammy Bruce: The sins of a bloated, unaccountable government


I hate to say it conservatives but the Pentagon is playing you guys for suckers.

And “liberals” do you really think the taxes conservatives and libertarians pay (and some “liberals” too) do much to “help society”? No. They largely just feed the government beast.

(From Fox News)

“Ernst & Young found that the Defense Logistics Agency failed to properly document more than $800 million in construction projects, just one of a series of examples where it lacks a paper trail for millions of dollars in property and equipment,” Politico reported. “Across the board, its financial management is so weak that its leaders and oversight bodies have no reliable way to track the huge sums it’s responsible for, the firm warned in its initial audit of the massive Pentagon purchasing agent.”

The report describes the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as the “Walmart” of the military, an entity with 25,000 employees who provide “everything from poultry to pharmaceuticals, precious metals and aircraft parts.”

The problem is, we don’t know where their money goes. The report reveals issues ranging from “misstatements” in the agency’s books, lack of documentation about projects that are in motion, to no documentation at all for $384 million in spending.

Think about this when you are paying your taxes. As you send off a good chunk of what you earned this past year to the government consider how cavalierly it acts with the money you earned. That’s what gets me. That’s fundamentally the reason I became a libertarian many years ago. The citizen deserves respect. The government runs on OUR money. We don’t work for the government. It “works” for us. Somewhere along the way this has been forgotten by too many people.

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