Tax breaks for Hollywood?! Jim DeMint calls out GOP ‘budget busting’ hypocrites

McConnell loves to spend the taxpayer’s money. Always has. Likely always will.

We get on the Dems for being big government corporatists, but many in the GOP love big government and handing out favors too. They just pretend that they don’t.

Ever notice that the government never actually shrinks?

(From The Conservative Review)

He’s not kidding. Here are some of the choice tax breaks extended in the budget deal:

  • A tax credit for hybrid cars.

  • A tax credit for certain two-wheeled electric vehicles.

  • A tax credit for “energy-efficient homes.”

  • A four-year extension of a tax break on rum.

  • A tax credit for mine equipment.

  • A property tax break on racehorses.

  • A tax credit on solar water heating.

  • An income tax deduction for movie and theater productions costing under $15 million.

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