The Senate Budget Deal Proves Republicans Love Government Spending


What’s the point of voting for Republicans if they are going to spend like Democrats?

See, politicians know that people get worked up over social issues, abortion, gay marriage, etc. But on the stuff that really matters (and I am not saying that social matters don’t matter, just that they matter much less than economic ones) most people DON’T get worked up. It’s weird. But most people just want to check out on the money issue because it’s a bit more difficult (but not terribly so) to conceptualize than wedding cakes with multihued flags on them. People get mad about rainbow flags and confederate flags. But spending our country into oblivion? Hey, most people don’t want to think about it and think they can’t really understand it anyway. (They should and they can.)

Meanwhile the politicians grow our crony capitalist government heavy system. With our money.

(From Reason)

The bipartisan budget deal that the senators proclaimed so proudly yesterday would add $300 billion over two years to discretionary spending, not counting emergency funds and other add-ons. It would yet again burst the budget caps that Republicans negotiated in 2011 during a debt ceiling deal in exchange for giving more borrowing authority to the Department of Treasury. The debt ceiling would be hiked once again, allowing the Treasury to keep borrowing without asking Congress for an increase. Legislators wouldn’t even have to pretend they care about how fast our national debt is growing.

Trillion-dollars deficits are coming back fast and probably are here to stay. And this time you can’t blame that on a recession or a major war. It’s a direct result of a Republican spending binge—an unwillingness to couple tax cuts with reductions in spending.

Republicans claim to be the party of fiscal responsibility, but the GOP has repeatedly broken the budget caps imposed during the Obama administration. Yes, Democrats were often partners in these deals; they get a good portion of the blame too. But they have never pretended that they wanted these budget caps. And they could not have repeatedly broken through federal spending limits without Republicans leading the effort.

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