White House releases 55-page, $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan


We always shudder when we hear the word “infrastructure.” It is too often a codeword for crony capitalist make-work projects. Remember Obama’s whole “shovel ready” bit. We saw what that got us.

Big projects usually require big contractors. They also require big outlays of taxpayer dollars. Put the 2 together and cronyism pretty much chemically appears.

(From The Hill)

The White House on Monday officially released a 55-page proposal for President Trump‘s long-awaited infrastructure overhaul.

The plan puts forth a framework for lawmakers to craft legislation for a $1.5 trillion infrastructure package that would focus on public-private partnerships and funding from state and local governments.

“Public-private partnerships.” Well hooray! Public-private anything is almost always crony.

The federal government would contribute $200 billion to the package, a figure Democrats have already denounced as too small a number.

“TOO SMALL A NUMBER”! Classic! And it’s not “the federal government” it’s the US taxpayers who are paying for this plan. It’s taxpayer money we are talking about. $200 BILLION is not enough from taxpayers for the Democrats.

The plan is likely to face opposition from Democrats who have already called for more direct federal investment, releasing their own plan last week that boasted $1 trillion in government spending.

Now you’re talking. Let’s take 1 TRILLION dollars out of the real economy and then let’s funnel it through the government so the swamp creatures can all get paid.

These people in Washington really think the debt means nothing. They really do. Or at least that they’ll be retired/dead before the big bill comes due. And even then, they’ll be alright.

Now you and your children? Well, that’s likely a different story.

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