Will Pope Francis actually allow the Chinese Communist government to select bishops?


As a former Catholic I have many issues with the Catholic Church. I also still have an important place in my heart for it. I respect the church and at times and in some ways I miss it. However, this Pope has left much to be desired. (Though the previous  pope was worse.)

Allowing the Communist  Party to name bishops within China, without even input – input – from Rome is crazy. This it seems should be a point of non-negotiation. Yet Pope Francis might tolerate it in the interest of expanding the number of official Catholics in China.

Cardinal Zen, China’s most prominent Catholic thinks that the Pope is a little too sympathetic to the Communists. Perhaps a lot too sympathetic to the communists.

(From The Daily Mail)

‘Maybe the pope is a little naive, he doesn’t have the background to know the Communists in China,’ Zen said at the Salesian school in Hong Kong where he teaches.

‘The pope used to know the persecuted Communists (in Latin America), but he may not know the Communist persecutors who have killed hundreds of thousands.’

‘You cannot go into negotiations with the mentality ‘we want to sign an agreement at any cost’, then you are surrendering yourself, you are betraying yourself, you are betraying Jesus Christ,’ Zen told the Guardian.

It’s the folly of the educated 20th Century Western Left. They really thought that the communists are were the good guys. Pope Francis, tragically, may be a vestige of this mindset.

‘The official bishops are not really preaching the gospel. They are preaching obedience to Communist authority,’ said Zen who has been outspoken about the lack of political freedom and religious liberty in China.

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