A Big Mistake: Trump Picks John Bolton to Be New National Security Advisor

Neoconservatives like John Bolton are not conservatives at all.


The neocons were worried that Trump might keep them in the wilderness, perhaps where their interventionist philosophy could die. Well, they’re in from the wilderness. Watch now for The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol, and adamant never-Trumper/Bushite to shine a little light Trump’s way now. Well, at least in a veiled way.

Bolton’s appointment is too bad. But we are sure many of our readers will approve of his addition to the President’s staff. To some Bolton’s a “tough guy” who will assert America’s interests. In reality he represents a big government, radically interventionist foreign policy philosophy that is dangerous to the future of this country. Bush’s neoconservative adventures in Iraq and elsewhere are widely understood now as mistakes by nearly everyone (including Trump at one point). Why go back to the neocon well?

The neoconservatives are for big government and war. 2 things we are not fans of for sure.

(From Reason)

Bolton is a strident neoconservative who invariably takes the position that the U.S. military should intervene in more conflicts around the globe. He was a prominent backer of both the Iraq War and the Obama-era intervention in Libya, and has advocated for nuclear war with Iran. Less than a month ago, he penned an op-ed making a legal case for attacking North Korea.

Bolton is thus a rebuke to Trump supporters who thought they were voting for a less interventionist GOP when they backed candidate Donald over more hawkish alternatives.

Trump himself has frequently criticized former President Bush’s neoconservative foreign policy, but the choice of Bolton as National Security Advisor suggests Trump isn’t particularly committed to a less hawkish foreign policy.

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