AAA: Spring gas prices could approach a ‘tipping point’ for drivers


There seems to be an upward movement generally in consumer prices right now. Just go to the grocery store to see this. One can feel a little bit of pressure bubbling under the economic tectonic plates.

A significant rise in gas prices would be unwelcome, though not unexpected at this point. Any rise in gasoline prices however will further increase pressure on other prices of course. And the feedback loop keeps looping, until it doesn’t.

(From CNBC)

“We’re still riding the wave, if you will, as a result of Hurricane Harvey, where gasoline prices jumped up afterwards,” Sinclair said.

After that natural disaster, prices never really returned to pre-hurricane rates.

“Back when the hurricane hit on August 25, oil was $47 a barrel,” he said. “We hit $66 a barrel in January and we’re down around $60 to $61 dollars now.”

On Friday, the AAA national average price per gallon of regular unleaded was $2.53, but the association forecasts the national average price will increase to as much as $2.70 per gallon this spring.

Sinclair attributes the higher prices to a combination of factors including “the effects of the production cutbacks by OPEC and non-OPEC foreign producers finally kicked in, not to mention speculative money going into crude oil futures.”

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