Average age of March for Our Lives protestors was 49?, Only 12% of first time protestors there to march for gun control, Only 10% under 18?

“Basically it was older white women and kids who looked like they were forced to go with them. The kids looked really uncomfortable” – A first person account of a close friend of AC2 News who was at the DC march (A young person)

We are shocked, SHOCKED that these statistics aren’t all over CNN and MSNBC.

(From The National Review)

A university professor studying Trump-era protests found that the prevailing media narrative surrounding the “March for Our Lives” demonstration in Washington, D.C. provided an inaccurate picture of who attended the protest and why.

The survey, which included 256 respondents, found that 27 percent of attendees were first-time protestors and of that group, only 12 percent cited gun control as their primary motivation for attendance, verses 60 percent of more experienced protestors…

…The majority of novice protestors (56 percent) listed “peace” as their primary motivation while 42 percent said they turned out primarily in opposition to President Donald Trump.

Fisher’s team further found that only about ten percent of protestors were under the age of 18, and the average age was 49.

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