Baton Rouge Police Fire Officer Who Killed Alton Sterling

Photo: The Triple S Food Market in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was shot.

(From UPI)

The Baton Rouge Police Department in Louisiana fired Blane Salamoni, the officer who fatally shot Alton Sterling in 2016 outside a convenience store.

Police Chief Murphy Paul announced the disciplinary action Friday and released footage from the body cameras worn by Salamoni and officer Howie Lake II, who were involved in the confrontation with Sterling.

The announcement comes three days after Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry said no charges would be filed against either officer for the shooting, which kicked off a fresh wave of protests, some of which involved the Black Lives Matter movement.

While the state didn’t find criminal fault for either officer, Paul said both violated police department policies on command of temper. He said Salamoni also violated policies on use of force, leading to his firing. Paul suspended Lake for his actions.

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