Bullet Train Rolls On to $98.1 Billion Overall Cost Estimate

Who cares? It’s only your money right? Spend away. Boondoggle it up! Don’t worry the politicians and the contractors are getting paid. And aren’t they the ones who count anyway?

(From MyGovCost.org)

…“the ‘Base Case’ estimated cost to build California’s bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles has doubled to $77.3 billion, and could almost triple to $98.1 billion.” These figures come from official estimates, with per-mile estimates ranging from $155 million to $196 million. As the piece recalls, politicians sold the project as the 2008 Proposition 1A, promising “a bullet train for $37 billion that would whisk 120,000 riders per day in 2 hours and 40 minutes from L.A.’s Union Station to San Francisco’s Transbay Terminal for a fare of just $55.” In reality, the project would be slower and more expensive than air travel. As we have noted in many posts, right from the start this train was all about spending.

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