Canadian Disabled Man Denied Care but Offered Euthanasia


It concerns me when the state starts pushing euthanasia. One can see the slope in front of us. We know how this goes. Remember “death panels” and the scorn the idea received from some? Well, keep giving more and more of your life over to the government and see where we end up.

“The behavioral economists will see you now…”

(From The National Review)

Will euthanasia be about money? Does CNN hate Donald Trump?

In 2008, two Oregon terminally ill patients on rationed Medicaid were denied coverage for life-extending chemotherapy, but received letters from administrators offering to pay for their assisted suicides.

Now, a Canadian man with serious disabilities has been refused coverage for independent living services — but offered payment by Canadian Medicare for the costs of obtaining a lethal jab. From the CTVNews story:

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