China Envoy Seeks to Defuse Tensions With U.S. as a Trade War Brews


Defusing the current situation would be wise. And we are not just talking about the trade issues with China, which are colossally important, but across the globe on many fronts. Cool heads are needed at this geopolitical juncture.

(From The New York Times)

President Trump and his top trade advisers share a widespread view that China cannot be trusted to negotiate in good faith and believe that past administrations spent fruitless years pushing the Chinese to make minor changes to their economy that arrived too late, and were too often reversed.

News that Mr. Xi has moved to abolish term limits for himself and his vice president has only increased suspicion in recent weeks that China has no intention of shifting toward a more market-oriented economic model and plans to have a state-dominated economy.

The lack of engagement is a worrying sign for relations, given that the Trump administration is now poised to deliver what could be the harshest economic sanctions on China in decades. In the coming weeks, the administration will decide whether to impose stiff tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum and restrict investments to penalize China for its alleged theft of American intellectual property.

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