CNN lost its way in struggle to find an audience

It’s one of the reasons it lost its way. My personal theory is that everyone dropped acid at the company Christmas party in 2016 and the producers all lost their minds. But that’s just my theory.

CNN went totally and fully propaganda before Hillary lost. (And presumably before any Christmas party.) Then when Clinton did lose the network became basically a support group/propaganda outfit for the aggrieved p***y hat crowd. And it’s a wasteland now.

The network doesn’t even seem to do “fake” news anymore. It’s more often that not, what CNN does isn’t news in any way.

NEWSFLASH: Trump likes the ladies!

Um…Yeah…We knew that all along.

(From The Hill)

There might well be journalism to be had in the sagas of McDougal and Daniels, but CNN has found little of it. At some point, the sensational must lead to news of substance. A journalistic conclusion that Trump is a cad hardly moves the “this is news” needle on the public barometer.

CNN’s warped obsession with reporting about supposed adultery demonstrates a larger problem at the once-proud and groundbreaking channel. CNN’s focus is not on news, but on distracting itself and the nation’s news consumers with peripheral and sensation gibberish that fails to enhance the national dialogue. In the run-up and aftermath to the recently passed government spending bill, CNN mentioned McDougal and Daniels more than three times as often as the spending bill. The spending bill, of course, isn’t photogenic, but it impacts citizens way more than a playmate model.