Dear California: Call Me When the Commies Leave


California is a lovely place in many respects. Outside of the choked urban centers it can be very nice indeed. As I’ve said before, some of my earliest memories are of running through the ice plants and eucalyptus trees in Monterey. I have a deep affinity for the place.

But the politicians are destroying the state. The “Party” has taken over and God help anyone who understands basic market economics, and is inclined in the American tradition of individualism.

Currently there is enough fat to keep the California game going for a while. Years of prosperity create layers of economic fat that can be used later. Socialists live off of capitalist created fat. This is the case in pretty much every socialist country. But then the fat runs out and collapse begins. This is the path it looks like California has taken. 2nd, if not 3rd world status over the long term.

The Once Golden State is already the poorest state in the union per capita when cost of living is considered, and it is continuing to decline. Stories are even starting to hit the “mainstream” press about people abandoning Silicon Valley for points east. “Call them tech Oakies.”

One can’t just tax the people into submission, dismiss the middle class, regulate business into the ground, and celebrate government centered thievery and expect the state to do well. It’s just not possible. Reality will hit. And it will be ugly. Even with palm trees and Pacific sunsets.

(From PJ Media)

States that were already electing conservatives and/or Republicans didn’t need more conservatives there, I maintained. It was the places in America that were becoming liberal wastelands that were in need of some opposition voices.

It was a pitch that could have been applied to any number of states, but I meant it for California. I don’t care what the libs do to the likes of New York, Chicago, or the Pacific Northwest. Let the progressive loons have cities and states that are already cold, wet and miserable.

But, as I often asked audiences, why should we let them have a place as glorious as California?

Apparently, no one was listening…

…Now firmly in the grip of the super majority, California politics had devolved into an ideological battle between the far left and people who think Fidel Castro was too conservative.

Forget hoping that moderate Republicans would have a voice in Sacramento, the moderate Democrats didn’t even have a chance.

Conservatives? Yeah…no.

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