Democrats Pledge to Limit Superdelegates, But Don’t Say How

(From AP News)

The Democratic Party’s hierarchy on Saturday acknowledged the “perceived influence” of insiders over voters in picking a presidential nominee, but don’t know yet how to settle an issue that bedeviled the bitter nomination fight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016.

At issue is the role of Democratic National Committee members, elected officials and other party dignitaries — known collectively superdelegates at presidential conventions. They overwhelmingly favored Clinton, who won the nomination, though her wide advantage among this group ultimately saddled her with charges of favoritism.

The DNC, at its winter meeting, approved language that simply committed the party to reducing the “perceived influence” of those party leaders in the nominating process, a goal that both Clinton and Sanders endorsed during the 2016 convention.

How to do that — the DNC didn’t say. The next chance comes this summer when a party committee digs into the matter again.

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