Detroit named saddest city in America, according to study


We said it years ago. Rand Paul said it too. Turn Detroit into a free zone. Abolish all taxes. Let the private sector solve everything. And I mean everything. What does Detroit have to lose? It can only gain at this point.

The city has an enviable location commerce wise, bordering Canada with access to the Great Lakes. Make it a tax haven and watch happiness, at least outside of the winter months, increase. It’s not really that radical an idea considering the current state of Detroit.

(From WXYZ)

Detroit is the saddest city in America, according to a new report from WalletHub taking a look at the happiest cities in America.

According to the study, Detroit ranks 182nd, dead last in the list behind Birmingham, Alabama.

With a total score of 28.65, Detroit ranks in 182nd Emotional and Physical well-being, 181st in Income and Employment and 174th in Community and Environment.

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