“Don’t threaten a NUCLEAR power” Putin REJECTS British ultimatum on Russian spy attack


We mentioned in a recent post that we’ve been reading lately about the lead up to World War 2. We made the observation that sometimes at times of rising tensions odd developments can emerge out of the ether that change the course of history. We may be seeing one of those moments.

Though the 2 poisonings in Britain do not come out of nowhere, indeed people have been getting knocked off cloak and dagger style at what feels like an elevated level over the past few years, the poisonings did happen on British soil. And if Russia is behind the poisonings that is no small thing. Britain may feel FORCED to respond. How it does is critical.

(From The Express)

Theresa May earlier issued Russian President Vladimir Putin  24 hours to respond to claims that Russia was “highly likely” behind the attempted murder of Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

The ultimatum has sparked World War 3 fears as Whitehall sources revealed the Prime Minister could launch a cyber attack on Russia in the wake of recent events.

It is thought Britain might target Kremlin propaganda machines, with Whitehall sources suggesting the UK will up the ante on its offensive cyber programme.

But the Russian embassy in the UK has hit back at the ultimatum and warned Mrs May against “punitive measures”.

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