Drudge Report ‘being censored by Twitter’?, Shadow banning, PC, and narrative warfare online

Image: Youtube, Project Veritas


It certainly is not just Drudge. We did a story a couple of years ago about Judge Napolitano (His image in front of a Constitution)) getting a “potentially offensive material” tag. Of course it was our tweet so Twitter was “censoring” us too.



Sadly, we now know that it probably wasn’t a mistake at all. It wasn’t a glitch. There likely are dozens and dozens (hundreds?, thousands?) of examples of people with small government dispositions being censored by the company.

In fact, in a recent undercover video done by Project Veritas people the at the company said as much.

A favorite tactic is “shadow banning” whereby an “undesirable” poster is allowed to post but then that post isn’t actually seen by anyone. This may be widespread. It probably IS widespread.

Twitter as we say above IS A PRIVATE COMPANY. As such it can do what it wants. We don’t have to use the platform. But this sort of private censorship is we think unethical and very worthy of exposure.

Thing is, Congressman Nunes (the inspiration for this post) is wrong on an important point even if he is right to identify the issue. Below is the @Drudge Twitter profile. Matt Drudge has not tweeted from this profile. However @Drudge_Report is very active.





(From The American Mirror)

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