F-35s for Everyone! Like Oprah on a sugar high, Congress wants everyone to have more F-35s.

It’s just YOUR money right?

(From Taxpayers for Common Sense)

Like Oprah on a sugar high, the United States Congress wants to start giving things away to everyone!

But, unlike Oprah, the studio audience seems to be made up entirely of defense contractors, with those happy folks at Lockheed Martin in most of the seats.

Proof? The F-35 portion of the FY18 omnibus spending bill is one account where the adult supervision is lacking and the big spenders have run amok. Or as Oprah might phrase it: “You get an F-35! And you get an F-35! Everybody gets an F-35!” Imagine those giddy contractors, jumping up and down at their seats as the ApprOprah Committee forked over the cash (see what we did there).

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