Glenn Greenwald explains to a “liberal” audience why their anti-Trump cognitive dissonance has been so profound (VIDEO)


Let me say from the outset that this video is long, almost a half hour, and it is likely to be challenging for nearly all of our readers. This is no pro-MAGA speech nor anti-Trump speech (though it is much more anti-Trump than MAGA). It is an insightful exploration of the “liberal” reaction to Trump’s election.

I’d say that Greenwald is about 65% correct here. He’s wrong on some very important points but he also offers valuable analysis of the completely unhinged reaction to Trump we have seen from some in this country.

Greenwald being a modern “liberal” (even if he is a legitimate one) does do a bit too much virtue signaling in the attached speech. He kind of tries to inoculate his audience to the truth he’s about to lay on them. But I encourage all of our readers to watch, and if possible to watch the entire thing. It is a refreshingly different (though still very critical) take on the Trump presidency.

Let’s just say it’s not MSNBC “hair on fire” silliness.