‘Goodies” for votes, not unlike Chicago, Detroit, or many areas of the USA : For poor Venezuelans, a box of food may sway vote for Maduro

Obama doing the “soul brother” handshake with the late Chavez. That’s Maduro grinning in the background.


This is not so unusual from what we see in parts of this country. There are many politicians who owe their careers to handing out “gifts” to those who have little. If memory serves me Marion Barry in DC used to do this personally (he gave out turkeys). But it is a time honored tactic of big government politicians everywhere. And mafia dons.

“See this bread? I am the reason you have it. You’d be wise to vote for me.”

“See this welfare check, this Section 8 housing? I made this happen. You’d be wise to vote for me.”

And people who often have a limited worldview go for it. And why not? If the local prince is handing out “gifts” one wants to remain in his good stead.

Fundamentally there is a whole segment of the leftist political world that operates on this level. Poor people keep the statist “princes” in power. Upwardly mobile people, people with options, tend to toss out the political slum lords. As such many politicians actually seek to keep the poor poor. One need only look at places like Chicago or Detroit, or Caracas to see this.

(From Yahoo News)

For millions of Venezuelans suffering an unprecedented economic crisis, a monthly handout of a box of heavily-subsidized basic food supplies by Maduro’s unpopular government has offered a tenuous lifeline in their once-prosperous OPEC nation.

The 55-year-old successor to Hugo Chavez introduced the so-called CLAP boxes in 2016 in a signature policy of his rule, continuing the socialist government’s strategy of seeking public support with cash bonuses and other giveaways…

…The administration of the CLAP – the Local Supply and Production Committees – does not hide its political motivation.

“The CLAPs are here to stay. They are an instrument of the revolution,” said Freddy Bernal, CLAP chief administrator.

“It has helped us stop a social explosion and enabled us to win elections and to keep winning them,” he told Reuters, referring to government victories in 2017 local polls.

When the government owns you, life is dim and drab. And this is the only kind of “ownership” socialism breeds.

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