Hotel industry wants to pay for their workers’ college degrees


Investing in one’s employees can often provide a nice return. Good to see. It just makes business sense.

(From CNN Money)

t’s up to the companies to pay the cost of the degrees. But the American Hotel and Lodging Association has partnered with Pearson to make the process easier. The education company negotiates with schools for lower prices, said Jim Homer who heads Pearson’sAcceleratED Pathways program. They also vet the degree programs, making sure they are at accredited, nonprofit colleges.

The funding and eligibility requirements for the benefit will vary by company. Not all will offer a bachelor’s degree options, but those that do will subsidize the cost. For example, a worker with no previous college credits may end up paying about $24,000 for the bachelor’s degree, Homer said. An associate’s degree would be free to the employee.

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