House Freedom Caucus cheers Trump’s (Omnibus bill) veto idea, (Plus the Freedom Caucus’s letter to President Trump)

We said yesterday that we thought Trump would sign the bill. We said;

The omnibus, if signed, will certainly expand cronyism in this country. That is without doubt. That Trump will sign the bill is almost without a doubt.

“Almost without doubt.” Well, there’s some doubt now. Good.

(From The Sacramento Bee)

The conservative House Freedom Caucus says it would support President Donald Trump if he vetoed a $1.3 trillion spending bill.

Republican Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina, chairman of the freedom caucus, says in a tweet the group would “fully support” a veto. He adds that Congress should pass a short-term budget resolution while Trump and congressional leaders “negotiate a better deal for the forgotten men and women of America.”

The Freedom Caucus had urged Trump to veto the giant bill passed on Thursday. It says the bill does not have enough money for the border wall, leaves intact President Barack Obama’s health care law and funds Planned Parenthood.

The government faces a midnight shutdown if a spending bill is not signed.