How Silicon Valley went from ‘don’t be evil’ to doing evil


It’s sad. We went from John Perry Barlow’s Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, to Google execs setting up companies to help Hillary Clinton – Clinton – get elected. Silicon Valley has fallen very far.


This – no kidding – is the logo for “GROUNDWORK” a company founded by the head of Google for the expressed purpose of getting Hillary Clinton electedNot creepy at all. Nope. The color choice particularly. Just lovely. 


For the record we agree with about 50% of the attached article. But it’s an important 50%. The missing part in the attached analysis, which calls for us to consider the use of anti-trust to break up Google etc, is that Google and many of the tech giants are crony companies. That is, they have long partnered with the government and that is one of the main reasons they are so powerful. Separate government and business, and guess what? Market domination isn’t so easy anymore.

(From The OC Register)

Conservatives are also concerned about pervasive political bias in the industry. The Bay Area, the heartland of the industry, has evolved as Facebook co-founder Peter Thiel notes, into a “one party state.” Ideological homogeneity discourages debate and dissent, both inside their companies.

More importantly, conservatives seek to curb their ability — increasingly evident as traditional media declines — to control content on the internet. As the techies expand their domain, America’s media, entertainment and cultural industries would seem destined to become ever less heterogenous in politics and cultural world-view…

…The perfect world of the oligarchs can be seen in the Bay Area, where, despite the massive explosion in employment, even tech workers, due to high costs, do worse than their counterparts elsewhere. Meanwhile San Francisco, among the most unequal places in the country, has evolved into a walking advertisement for a post-modern dystopia, an ultra-expensive city filled with homeless people and streets filled with excrement and needles…

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