How The Obama Administration Watched The Russians Meddle In Our Election And Then Gave A “Stand Down” Order

This whole Russia thing continues to get weirder. So Obama knew that the Russians were messing around (before Trump) but didn’t want to say anything because that might hurt Hillary Clinton, who everyone thought was going to win.

So… Country or party?

(From RedState)

Michael Isikoff, the guy who wouldn’t run the Monica Lewinsky story but would take dictation from Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, has teamed up with David Corn of Mother freakin Jones to write a book on the Russian meddling in the 2016 election. It is titled Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump and Mother Jones is running excerpts (here | here). They are eye-opening. The takeaway one gets is that there is a lot of behind the scenes pressure on Obama and his sycophants to explain how this bullsh** story Russian meddling was allowed to happen. And we are discovering that there are enough busses for just about anyone to be thrown under. And John Brennan is doing the tossing…

…Here are the key points. Contrary to a lot of stuff that has been said, the Obama administration not only knew very early that the Russians were meddling (this is confirmed by the Mueller indictment of Russian hackers which shows they were under physical and electronic surveillance when some of them visited the U.S. in 2014) but they stood by and watched it happen. They didn’t care because they thought Hillary was going to win and they were afraid that any public action would make it look like the Obama administration was trying to discredit Trump. They were doing this in secret via their use of the Christopher Steele’s dossier, but that is a different story. Once the election was decided, they made their move in order to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. Ironically, they have been able to do that by criticizing Trump’s reluctance to virtually declare war on Russia when Obama, himself, weighed that option and rejected it.

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