If you don’t think the anti-Trumpers have gone off the deep end, consider this: “Two out of three Democrats also claim Russia tampered with vote tallies on Election Day to help the President – something for which there has been no credible evidence.”


Seriously 2 out of 3. You want to talk about “fake news” and propaganda? Consider that we have gotten to the point where a solid part of the electorate not only buys the Russia trope hook line and sinker but thinks Russia manipulated the polls for Trump. No wonder these people are running around with their hair on fire. 2/3 of Democrats. That is flat out crazy. There is NO proof of this anywhere. But people want to believe, they hope and pray that Trump’s election isn’t legitimate – even though it was.

Let’s also remember that it was Hillary Clinton who “rigged” the primaries against all comers. If you want to find shadiness just look at the DNC. There’s plenty there. Then take a look at how contributions were funneled through the DNC to Hillary Clinton inappropriately, and likely illegally.  Look at what happened in Iowa and Nevada. We have not forgotten. But 2/3 of Dems are worried about Russians messing with the polls? What?

(From Today.yougov.com)

Democrats overwhelmingly say fake news spread by Russia was at least somewhat likely to have affected the results of the presidential election – just under half (46%) say that it was very likely. Republicans disagree – except for those Republicans who think that Russian-sponsored spreading of fake news actually took place. A majority in this group believe it was in fact likely that the effort did affect the election outcome.

Two out of three Democrats also claim Russia tampered with vote tallies on Election Day to help the President – something for which there has been no credible evidence.

Given their different views of what happened in 2016, Republicans and Democrats take different sides on the Russia investigation and the appointment of a special counsel. 59% of Democrats are “very concerned” about the possibility of improper relations between the Trump campaign and Russia before the election 2016, but just 7% of Republicans are. Half of Republicans say they are “not concerned at all.”

We are open to the Russia collusion idea. Let’s see what we get. So far it’s been a big bust. But we’ll remain open until the issue is reasonably closed. But 2/3 of Dems think Russians tampered with the polls? 2/3? At this point that is totally out there. Totally. I mean in nut bar galaxy. And we, the rest of America are supposed to indulge this? Why? It’s nonsense.

Look, we don’t really like Trump all that much. He is far too big government for us. (Though he has made some progress in some areas. But not enough.) But when the Trump opposition is unreasonable we’re going to call them on it. And for pretty much Trump’s whole presidency they’ve been unreasonable.

I’m sorry if you think President Trump is a pig. I’m sorry if you can’t stand him. I’m sorry if it makes you feel better to think that Hillary Clinton wasn’t just flat beaten even though she had every conceivable advantage. I’m sorry. But it’s time to deal with reality again. The voyage into insane conspiracy land has been long enough. But, CNN and MSNBC make a lot of money off of your paranoia. So a good portion of the population will continue on deep in outer space.

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