Inside the luxury doomsday bunker complex the size of a CITY in South Dakota where 10,000 people will prepare for ‘the end of the world’

If Armageddon is coming, why not ride it out in style?

(From The Daily Mail)

A complex of doomsday bunkers in South Dakota that can house 10,000 people is being hailed as the ‘back up plan for mankind’.

Equipped with survival gear and custom-made interiors, the city-sized complex could save thousands in case of an asteroid strike or nuclear war, the creator claims.

Although the structures look imposing from the outside they have all the home comforts, including sofas, a coffee table and paintings hanging on the walls.

They even include ‘virtual windows’ with LEDs to simulate the different views of the outside world.

Vivos, the company building the doomsday bunkers, is developing 18 square miles (29 square kilometres) of military space in South Dakota.

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