Is a Phase Two of Tax Cuts Coming? (Oh, we hope so)

Of course the guys in Washington need to actually cut spending, cut government, when they cut taxes too. They aren’t so keen on that, and that is a big problem.

(From TownHall)

President Trump on Monday said he was hoping for a “phase two” of tax cuts.

During a visit from the Houston Astros, Trump turned to Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX), and asked about the possibility of more tax cuts.

“Kevin, are we going for an additional tax cut, I understand?” Trump said to laughter. “He’s the king of those tax cuts.  Yeah, we’re going to do a phase two.  I’m hearing that.  You hear that John and Ted?  Phase two.”

He continued: “We’re actually very serious about that, Kevin.  So it’s good.  But Kevin Brady is a spectacular person, and did a really incredible job with the tax cuts.”

I don’t understand why anyone (aside from the political – and crony – class) would oppose tax cuts. How can anyone look at our government and not think it is far too large? It is massive. It is in every nook and cranny of life. This should not be. Especially not in this country. We’re supposed to be different.

I’m not joking and I am not just talking about conservatives and libertarians. How could ANYONE see the scope of American government and not think, wow this is way too costly to the people. How is it not obvious to everyone that the burden on the private economy (the part of the economy that generates wealth) is far too great?

But this isn’t obvious to everyone. Some people really do not understand that taxes serve the political class primarily. And if they do understand that taxes finance the political class they are often part of the political class. There are many government workers (of various stripes) who are deathly afraid that everyday people are going to wake up and really question where there tax money is going.

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