Is billionaire Michael Bloomberg the secret force behind ‘March for Our Lives’?


It makes sense. Someone big is funding this public relations effort. Somebody was leaning on the old media outlets to cover the march. Michael Bloomberg is a big nanny state gun grabber type. So it wouldn’t at all be surprising. We know that George Clooney’s PR firm has been coordinating the effort. But Bloomberg would be a natural “general.”

These people are not interested in “sensible gun restrictions.” They are, as former Justice Stevens let slip on Tuesday, about ending gun rights – period. For them, only the government should have guns. Basically their position is fundamentally anti-American in spirit. Guns, and an armed citizenry are key to what this country is. An armed citizenry is fundamental to the preservation of what we have left of liberty in this country. It’s the last check on tyranny.

Even if you don’t like guns personally you should thank your lucky stars that many of your fellow citizens are armed. We are supposed to be a free country, made up of citizens – not subjects. We are not Europe. That’s really the point after all.

By the way Michael Bloomberg apparently insists that the people on the Bloomberg TV network refer to the Bloomberg trading terminal as “the Bloomberg.” Seriously, who does that?

(From Front Page)

Everytown for Gun Safety was formed out of two other groups: Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Both are actually front groups for Michael Bloomberg, the lefty billionaire and former boss of the Big Apple, who used New York City resources to host at least one of its websites.

So Everytown is really New York City.

March for Our Lives is on every cable channel, but who runs it? The photogenic teen fronts are out front. But it’s obvious to everyone that a bunch of teens don’t have the resources and skills to coordinate a nationwide movement. Instead it’s the experienced activists who are actually running things…


…We know who supports the NRA. You can see NRA stickers on car windows even in the bluest cities in the country. But who really supports the anti-gun political network? You’ll need to spend hours sorting through paperwork, following the trail, comparing addresses and researching names, to even get a hint.

That’s what an illegitimate lobby thwarting the will of the people really looks like.

Instead of March for Our Lives, maybe it’s time to March for the Truth?

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