Italy elects first black senator in history, for anti-immigration Lega party


There is always a tendency, especially in the USA, to think in terms of “1” or “0”. This or that. Us and them. But that isn’t the world and that isn’t the way politics fundamentally works. There are nuances, and contradictions, brilliance, and stupidity. Multiply this by 5 in Italy.

We’ll see how things develop (post election) over the next few months on the Italian peninsula. But bucking Brussels is pretty much always a good thing.

(From The Independent)

In a Facebook post, Mr Iwobi said: “After more than 25 years of battles as part of the League’s great family, I am about to start another great adventure!” 

The League’s economics chief cited Mr Iwobi’s election as evidence the party was not racist.

“I’d like to point out that the first black senator in the history of the Italian republic is one of ours,” Claudio Borghi told Reuters.

His comments came after hundreds of African immigrants and Italians protested in Florence for a second day, chanting “no more racism” and criticising the anti-immigrant party for stoking racial tensions after an Italian man shot dead a Senegalese street vendor.

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