Law-School Students Shout Down ‘Known Fascist’ (She’s not in any way) Christina Hoff Sommers, Totalitarian USEFUL IDIOTS On the March

This is your tradition ANTIFA/SJWs. Censorship a la socialismo.This is from The Soviet Union.


WHO are the “fascists”?

These people have no idea what an actual fascist is. Fascism is corporatism. It is the fusion of big government and big business. It is an economic term first and foremost. But even if they think “fascism”  is about racism or whatever, one of the key things people like Hitler and Mussonli advocated are the brown shirt tactics used by the horribly deluded totalitarians at this law school.

Hey totalitarians – know this. We have fought totalitarism before and we will fight you guys again. And we will win again. Your small minded, racist, anti-speech dundery will lose. It’s baked into your ideology. The end game is you advocate against human nature, free expression, liberty, and what is good in a world that is all too dark, and then you lose.

We stand for free speech, free expression, free thought. You stand for the dregs of the post-modernist nihilist “intellectual” tradition.

“No platform for fascists?” The “social justice warriors” don’t even know what they are saying.

Again, the USEFUL IDIOTS are being used.

(From The National Review)

“We wish to strongly oppose the labeling of our guest Christina Hoff Sommers as a ‘known fascist,’” the Federalist Society said in a statement. “She has stood in support of free expression, individuality, and against the oppressive cloak that extreme collectivists are known all too well to wear. Moreover, we hope that such a misapplied label is only a rash mistake, and not a deliberate attempt to justify shutting down the pursuit of free and rational discourse by any means possible.”

It wasn’t a mistake and it’s about time people got hip to this. It is a tactic of anti-thought totalitarians who deserve as much legitimacy as Nazis – which is to say NONE AT ALL. How are these anti-speech groups funded anyway?

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