Mainstream waking up? CBS: What if Trump is right and there is no collusion?

Interesting, so Michael Graham at CBS is arguing that Trump is playing up the collusion thing, because (in theory) Trump knows he didn’t collude with Russia. But Graham explains, this is a trick because Mueller might find other stuff out about Trump. (Mueller is fishing furiously to justify his investigation, and presumably to protect Comey of course. ) But, Trump being the deplorable he is has likely done SOMETHING seriously wrong and shouldn’t get off the hook just because he didn’t collude with Russia.

I’m sorry but isn’t Russian collusion supposed to be what we are looking for? Not just anything and everything to try to derail Trump? That was my understanding and I’m sure it was the understanding of the majority of Americans.

So this feels like a soft trial balloon. Even if Trump isn’t guilty of colluding with Putin he’s got to be guilty of SOMETHING so we can’t let Trump say “Hey, I told you I didn’t collude.” And then have his approval numbers go up.

There are elections to win of course. We must keep the paranoia going. Trump MUST NOT WIN.

(From CBS)

For people who hate or love Trump, it won’t matter. They’ve already made up their minds.  But for the majority of casually-political Americans–who already think Washington politicians are worse than lawyers and used car salesmen when it comes to “very low” ethical standards–what will they conclude if they’re told that the whole point of the investigation from the beginning was based on a baseless charge?

Many are likely to think that if there was no collusion, then the entire story really was the “witch hunt” President Trump keeps telling them it is. He will have turned out to be right, no matter how many other things he did wrong.

I believe this is the reason Trump stepped on his own good news regarding the McCabe firing.  Why he didn’t do what many (myself included) considered the smart move: Let McCabe’s firing speak for itself.  Why he sent out his first-ever tweet attacking special counsel Robert Mueller using the key word: “collusion:”

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