Mueller subpoenas Trump Organization documents

The Trump organization was already supplying requested documents. Why these were subpoenaed we don’t know.

This may be an effort to simply just stay in the news.

Mueller’s going to keep fishing as long as he can and the question is whether he is going to keep casting through all 7 remaining years of Trump’s presidency? Mueller knows that the Trump organization is massive and he’s sure that there’s something, somewhere, that he can pin on Trump. If he can’t it would be one bad way to go out of Washington life. He MUST fine SOMETHING.

(From The Hill)

The scope of the subpoena, including how far it extends to topics outside Russia, was not immediately known, nor was it clear why Mueller subpoenaed the organization for the documents as opposed to simply requesting them.

Responding to questions about the subpoena on Thursday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump would continue to cooperate with Mueller’s effort.

“As we’ve maintained all along and as the president has said numerous times, there was no collusion between the campaign and Russia,” she said at her press briefing. “We’re going to continue to fully cooperate out of respect for the special counsel. We’re not going to comment for any specific questions about the Trump organization. I’d refer you there.” 

A lawyer for the Trump Organization said it has been cooperating and dismissed reports about the subpoena as old news.