“Not all kids are Tide Pod sheep.” Picture of kids who bravely stood for the spirit of liberalism and of this Republic, countering the well funded/coordinated “gun “protests” today

The above quote comes from a reader.

Indeed the only reason we have any freedoms in this country is because of kids like the below who think for themselves and understand how fortunate we are in this country to have the liberties we have. We are a different sort of country. We are not Canada. We are not Europe. We do OUR thing. That’s the point and that is why we have succeeded.

But some fear this about America. They fear our liberty. And this includes a very large part of the US population who would be more than happy to be mindless drones in a hive mind. They don’t care about liberty. They care about bread in their stomachs and Netflix on their TVs. These people WANT collectivism. And they RESENT those who insist on the dignity of each human.