Obama machine getting nervous about Facebook’s response to Cambridge Analytica (The social engineers don’t want to lose access to your data)


Good. They should be nervous. Obama and company were all about data mining. They bragged about it.

Cass Sunstein, behavioral economist, one time “nudger” in chief, wants to make sure he gets to keep access to your data. Such data is key to the plans of the central planners.

If the behavioral guys in DC can’t get their hands on where you went to lunch, whether you’ve ever searched for smoking secession medication, your 23 and Me profile, and so on, they can’t run your life the way they want to.

Very telling. Sunstein fears that legislation might be passed that, God forbid, protects Americans from prying eyes. Including in government. That would be a disaster for the social engineers.

(From The American Thinker)

He cites other apps that spy on Americans that can improve health care and income inequality, as well as observe congressional behavior as arguments to not shut all of the data-mining down. These are red flags all by themselves, since we all know how Democrats use health care data and what their solutions are to income inequality. But never mind that.

Obviously, as a far-left Democrat operative in the Obama inner circle, Sunstein’s argument to not overreact, plus his involvement in Facebook as an adviser, which he discloses at the bottom of his piece, suggests strongly that Democrats have a stake in the spying on voters, too.  As they see Cambridge Analytica get sanctioned over all the hypocritical outcry, they know that their ox is up to get gored.  And they are feeling flop sweat, given their long history of manipulating social media data.  What’s known is described very well in this Investor’s Business Daily editorial that we linked here.

If you are not paying, you are not the customer, as the saying goes.  Since nobody pays for Facebook, we know they make their money other ways, and data-mining, which is especially practiced by the left, is a big way.  You can’t explain some of their victories in recent elections without suspecting they have an expert operation going on.

Sunstein in particular is worth looking at.

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