OPINION: The road to ruin that is California


Current California is a sad situation. It can turn back, still. But it is unlikely to.

Oh well. Have fun with that 200 BILLION + state employee pension shortfall. That should be fun to deal with. Like Chicago with palm trees. (And wildfires.)

And taxes are going up.

(From The News Virginian)

Many of California’s cities are unwilling hosts to large and growing colonies of homeless people, which authorities seem too conflicted about to address. Enforcing loitering or anti-squatting laws to remove them seems “too mean,” and will only move, not solve, the problem. Redeveloping buildings or even neighborhoods might offer a solution, but many politicos are put off by the thought of developers making a profit on such projects. San Francisco’s planning office is particularly annoyed about this. California’s urban planners advocate denser housing crowded around mass transit, but even they grudgingly admit that their dreams mean higher prices than the homeless can afford. So people continue to camp on the sidewalks, victims of irreconcilable benefits on which no Progressive will compromise. And the American Paradise continues to have among the highest numbers of homelessness in the country.

Then there’s voting, regulated by Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s office. Officials there see neither contradiction nor irony in posting voter registration instructions in nine languages other than English, while exemptions for English language proficiency for citizenship only accrue to those 50 or older who have been green-card legal residents for 15-20 years. Padilla’s office also seemingly thinks that citizenship is only marginally important to voting.

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