Papua New Guinea Earthquake’s Forgotten Victims

(From BBC News)

Nearly two weeks after a powerful earthquake hit Papua New Guinea (PNG), officials still do not know what the situation is in the remote worst-affected areas. There are fears traditional life in this remote region could have been changed forever, writes Anna Jones.

“There’s nothing left of whole mountainsides where there used to be villages. There’s been a massive outpouring of grief, shock and and fear, on top of the injuries and hunger.”

Automated reports of tremors are quickly followed by official estimates of damage. Casualty figures emerge over the next few hours and a well-rehearsed recovery effort swings into action. Dramatic images and miracle rescues sweep the disaster zone on to global front pages, triggering a rush of donations.

Little of this happened in PNG after the 7.5-magnitude quake on the morning of 26 February because the people worst affected are some of the most remote communities on Earth.

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