Public-Sector Unions Deserve to Be Destroyed


This ought to throw all our government employee pension rider readers into a tizzy. “But, but, unions created the weekend.” (Technology did actually.) Whatever.

There shouldn’t even BE public sector unions. Government is supposed to serve the taxpayers, not extract everything it can from the taxpayers. (Yes, libertarian readers I know. But I’m making the “mainstream” argument here.)

(From Real Clear Politics)

First, the state creates a monopoly. The monopoly forces taxpayers to fund those workers, whether they do a good job or not. The union then coerces workers to pay dues regardless of whether or not they want to. Then the union uses those dues to help fund political advocacy that perpetuates their monopoly and the union’s influence. So, in other words: racketeering…

…If Americans want to join organizations that undercut initiative and achievement to slide employees into safe, pre-determined slots regardless of ability or work ethic, that’s their business. If they want to break the law and blackmail entire communities who have no choice but to walk away, they should be fired. If they want to force co-workers to pay for their political activities, they should be stopped. And if they claim that most teachers want to willingly participate in union efforts, the only way to find out is by giving those public employees a choice.


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