Putin: “Russia’s New Hypersonic Missile Can Rip US Air Defenses Apart”, (Video shows missiles targeting Florida)


It is odd that Moscow chose central Florida for the below clip. This area is also the focus of the most famous American work of fiction focusing on nuclear apocalypse, Alas Babylon. It may have been a coincidence, but if so it sure is a creepy one.


And just think, I used to think all that studying of MIRVs (multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles) I did in college was really only Cold War history. An academic vestige of another time in political science.

Guess not.

(From Zerohedge)

Putin said the creation of hypersonic systems has made NATO’s U.S.-led missile defense shields in Europe utterly “useless,” and means the era of the Western world attempting to prevent Russia’s expansion is over.

“I want to tell all those who have fueled the arms race over the last 15 years, sought to win unilateral advantages over Russia, introduced unlawful sanctions aimed to contain our country’s development: all what you wanted to impede with your policies have already happened,” he said.

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