Rand Paul Adds “Audit the Fed” Amendment to Senate Banking Bill

As we’ve said before, audit it. Then end it.

The Fed fears real scrutiny. It’s not about “independence.” It’s about power, massive power. (The Fed guys don’t think they’ll EVER be held to account.)

(From The AntiMedia)

“While we have made great strides in reviving our economy through curbing overzealous regulation and cutting taxes, lasting prosperity will escape us if we do not hold the enabler of big government and our astronomical national debt accountable. It’s time for the Senate to side with the American people by removing the shackles on congressional oversight and lifting the Fed’s veil of secrecy. It’s time for us to pass Audit the Fed,” Paul said in his press release…

…Paul remains steadfast in his commitment to this legislation that he and his father, former Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), worked for years to pass, with the intent to stop the Federal Reserve’s “unchecked” and “arguably unconstitutional” meddling in the free market economy.

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