Republicans propose billions in new Obamacare funding

Times change in weird ways – always.

Funny, this is a major departure, and a big concession -officially – for the Republicans but the Dems still don’t like the bill because it won’t fund abortions.

Concerned about the influence of the NRA? What about the power of Planned Parenthood?

Plus, weren’t we repealing this thing?

(From The Washington Examiner)

The new bill would fund insurer payments known as cost-sharing reduction payments for three years, and offer $30 billion in reinsurance funds distributed evenly for three years. It includes more flexibility for states to implement changes to their healthcare systems and allows more people to buy plans that have lower premiums and higher deductibles.

An aspect of the bill that hadn’t been previously disclosed specifies that health insurers would have to specify in their marketing materials that this type of coverage isn’t as extensive as Obamacare plans, and allows states to set up their own regulations on these plans. The Trump administration has proposed these plans should be extended from three months, a limit set by the Obama administration in 2016, to as long as 364 days.

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