Sen. Blumenthal Says NRA Ad Verges ‘On Illegal Threat’


You be the judge. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it.

Is it strongly worded? Yes. Is it more strongly worded than we’d probably prefer? Perhaps. Does it “verge on an illegal threat”? No. Frankly as fervent as this statement is, it is really still pretty tame relative to some of the things we’ve seen from the anti-gun, pro-state crowd over the last couple of years.

But again it seems the big government people fear the peasants, the campesinos, standing up for themselves and using their right to free speech.

(From The Daily Caller)

“Is that an incitement of violence?” asked Scarborough.

“It could be, under some circumstances. It certainly betrays a kind of viciousness that I think the American people ought to reject,” Blumenthal continued.

Scarborough went on to describe other NRA ads in his own words.

“And by the way, while they’re going around making threats and certainly that’s not the only video, I’ve seen other videos where they say to the New York Times something like you’re in our targets or we’re coming after you. It’s always — the language is just extraordinarily violent,” said Scarborough.

“It verges on illegal threat. It certainly comes close. Whether it goes over the line or not, we can debate,” commented Blumenthal.

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*Addendum – I just saw this tweet and I thought it was worth adding to this post.