Senator Mike Lee: Only voters can stop the next omnibus

(From The Conservative Review)

“These words are negotiated in private by a small handful of legislative leaders, to the exclusion of everyone else. Meaning, most of the American people are effectively disenfranchised from this process, because their elected senators and representatives are outside of that room where this small handful of leaders is negotiating this bill in private,” Lee said…

“The only way we’re going to change this is to make this process, this formula, this barbaric mechanism for funding a $4 trillion government no longer work,” Lee said. “It will no longer work when the American people call their senators and representatives and make clear to them they do not want them to vote for a measure that’s the result of this kind of [process]. They certainly don’t want to vote for increased spending, especially when they themselves don’t know and by design cannot know where the spending is going.”

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